February 6, 2014

Week in Pictures

How is it already Thursday!? This week has flown by. Here are are few things I've been up to this week:

Said goodbye to the girls on Monday. We went to Huey's for an authentic "Memphis" lunch before they left. I can't wait to see them again in June! (Actually I'll see Kali in a week in St. Louis and Rachael in Memphis next month, but it will be June before I see Mama).

I'm throwing a shower for a friend on Saturday. The theme is "Ready to Pop," and I've been working on getting everything ready. Hopefully everything comes together

My husband has been traveling a ton. He came home yesterday and leaves again today, so we enjoyed a nice dinner and a lazy night at home together last night. 

How has your week been?


Bri said...

1. Hurry up June!
2. Your shower decor is adorable.
3. YUM! The husband is requesting the stir fry recipe :)

Jen Pabst said...

The shower theme is so cute!!