February 5, 2014

My First Gym Experience

Friday morning, I headed to the gym for the first time ever. I was scheduled for a fitness assessment and orientation. I was a wee bit petrified.

The trainer I met with was super nice and helpful. He took a bunch of measurements, asked a bunch of questions and had me get on this nifty scale that told him all kinds of stuff about me.

Basically, here is the breakdown:

I weigh the same I did when I graduated high school. Yay!
Bone density is low. Boo.
Water level was good (thank you, Nuun. I drink it all day, every day.)
I have 88.6 pounds of lean muscle which are all in my legs
Body fat percentage is 23.6%. He said ideally it would be less than 22%. So not terrible, I guess...
My resting calorie burn is only 1287. He said this needs to be 1500 or 2000...Need more lean muscle.
And...my metabolic age is 16. What what!?

Maybe he was just being nice or making me feel better about my gym experience (I may have told him I was terrified just being there), but the numbers made me feel more fit than I thought I was. I know I have strong legs from running, but everything else just seems...squishy? So, do think it's helpful to have all of that information as I start trying to mix up the whole running 100% of the time thing. 

After the assessment, he showed me some equipment and did a workout with me. I had told him that I run, but when he took me to the treadmill, he asked, "Can you run nonstop for 10 minutes?" Um, yeah. I think I can handle that, bud. So he asked a few more questions while I was on the 'mill and by the end of the 10-minute conversation, he basically thought I was a total freak for loving running as much as I do. He's probably right. After the warmup, we did legs and some other stuff (don't ask me to remember... I already forgot) before a 10-minute cool down. I think he pushed me pretty hard (or at least I was feeling the burn). I literally could barely walk for the next two days!

I'm excited to (hopefully be brave enough to) get in a couple of workouts per week and also take a couple of yoga classes (or maybe another type of class?) a couple times per week. I already checked out yoga at the gym this week and really enjoyed the teacher, so that's a good sign!

Here's to a new challenge!


JMc said...

That's awesome that he did such a thorough assessment. Lots of good numbers to know!

Ashley (Sweet Carolina Belle) said...

I like that the assessment gave a calorie burn and metabolic age. Those are the things I am always interested in! Enjoy your new challenge!

Rachel said...

Ooohh! I want a fitness assessment! Or probably not...

Meredith said...

i'm not sure a fitness assessment is a good thing, now that I see yours. Mine would be awful hahaha