December 3, 2013

Deck the Halls

My mom is *slightly* obsessed with Christmas decor. As in she has a themed tree in every room. And it has definitely rubbed off on me. For a few days, I contemplated not decorating our house because we aren't hosting a party or any Christmas festivities, and it's such hard work to put it all up and take it all down. But since we're only in town every other year to enjoy our house at Christmas, I decided I wanted to go all out. We put up five (!) trees, plus other decorations, and our home is definitely feeling festive.

So, without further adieu, our holiday Christmas home tour!

Dining Room

The dining room tree is sort of our "main" tree this year with the majority of our ornaments. We thought about buying a real one for our den, but we settled with this one for this year. I love that you can see it through the dining room window from the street. Plus it is on a rotating stand. Perfection.

Kitchen and Den
My mother-in-law sent us the Thomas Kincade center piece this year.
We both wanted this Willow Tree nativity set for years and finally found all the pieces!
We hung our stockings in the den. You can guess which one is my Wyoming-native husband's stocking.
Piano room

And we hung the dogs' stockings in the piano room.
Mom gifted some of her caroler collection to me, and I really like them more than I thought I would.
Entry way

Ever since I was little, I wanted a big tree that you could see through the front door of the house. And I finally have one! You can also see Santa peeking out from the alcove above. He's a new addition this year.
And at 5'3, he's taller than I am.

My Office
My "girly" and running ornaments on my tree in my office.
Master Bedroom

All of our travel ornaments from our various trips are on the tree in our master bedroom.

Broncos Room
And last but not least, the husband's Broncos room. It's a work in progress...His parents sent him this awesome Broncos village and train, but we don't really have a table big enough to set it up on, so it's on the floor for now.
And of course he has a Broncos tree, but we're working on getting lights on it as well as a tree skirt and topper. Maybe I'll do a separate post on it when it's complete.

I could sit and drink coffee and stare at our trees all day. I love when the house is decorated!


Tess said...

I love that you have a Christmas tree in your bedroom. How lovely!

And I got a total kick out of your husbands stocking - very fitting.

Pamela said...

Gorgeous decor!! eeeeeek love Christmas!! Love that your mom has a theme in every room!!!

Brooke said...

This post makes me so super excited to send you your ornament! It finally came in the mail yesterday, so I'm sending it out today! PS- whoever has me has yet to contact me..oh well!

Curly Girl Confessions said...

Love it all! My mother in law has been collecting carolers for about 25 years...I have never seen someone else have them. They are some of my favorite Christmas decorations!

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

The house looks so amazing and festive!

Elizabeth said...

Your home is amazing & so festively decorated for Christmas! Love it! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Caroline said...

Love your decorations!

Stephanie Hartman said...

Christmas is the BEST time of the year. I love that you have a so many Christmas trees..

Nicole said...

I am with you-I can sit and just stare at the trees all day long! And a Broncos village theme? DOn't tell my husband, cause that means there's probably one for Green Bay too, and I do NOT need any more NFL gear in our house!