December 5, 2013

Cold-weather Running Gear

With the temperatures in the 20s at the start of the St. Jude Marathon this weekend, several people have asked about cold weather running gear. Here are some thoughts:

1. Although it will be freezing at the start of the race, you WILL warm up. You always want to dress for 20 degrees warmer than it actually is outside. So if it's 20, dress like it's 40. Likewise in the summer, if it's 80, dress like it's 100.
2. It's better to dress in layers that you can toss than be stuck wearing too many clothes and get too hot. And in the St. Jude marathon, if you toss anything, it gets donated.
3. The start line will be the worst part. Wear a sweatshirt and sweatpants over your running gear and toss them at the start of the race. Again, it will all be donated, so it's a win-win. You stay warm while waiting around and someone in need will get some warm clothes.
4. PACK DRY CLOTHES IN YOUR GEAR CHECK BAG. You will want to get out of your cold/sweaty clothes as quickly as possible, so pack dry, warm clothes in your gear check bag (or give the bag to a loved one) so you can change after the race.

So, here is what I would wear:

For the "Freezer" (ie you stay pretty cold throughout your run and never really get warm)

On top: 
A baselayer  that will stay warm and dry with either a long-sleeve tech shirt on top of it or a half zip jacket over it

On bottom:
Full-length running tights

Headband to keep your ears warm, heavy gloves, possibly a neck gaither

For the "Sweater" (AKA me. You warm up quickly and get hot pretty easily)

On top:
Long-sleeve tech tee either with a short sleeve under it or a half zip jacket over it


Hat to keep your head warm, possibly a headband that you can toss, lightweight gloves

Road Race Series Half Marathon 2012

Cheers to staying warm and having a great race!


Meredith said...

I know I'm not doing St. Jude this year, but next year!!! But thanks for the tips, I'm seriously printing and saving this on my phone! it'll come in handy for the Nashville half in April as well. kick butt Saturday!! ;)

sanityamongstchaos said...

Thanks for this!! Been debating my race day outfit all week.. Have a warm and safe race!

Caroline said...

I can't imagine having to run on Saturday. Good luck!