April 18, 2014

Five on Friday

ONE: After a rough week, I'm glad it's Friday. Bring it on, weekend. Something else I'm looking forward to? My pretty best friend knew how down in the dumps I've been and is coming to see me in two weeks! I can't wait to see her. She's also planning to bring her new guy. Looking forward to meeting him and showing him Memphis!
The BFF with us a few years ago. Note to self: find that fedora.

TWO: The Royals are coming to Memphis! (Anyone else just start singing Lorde out loud? Just me? Okay). For real. Apparently the granddaughter of Kemmons Willson (of Holiday Inn) is marrying William's BFF (Guy Pelly). And the wedding is at the Memphis Polo Club (since when do we have a Polo Club?). Supposedly they also have a private tour of Graceland planned as well as dinner on Beale St. I don't know about any of you Memphians, but I plan to be in stalker mode for the weekend. I would love a Royal sighting!
Photo via Huffington Post

THREE: I got all the wallpaper taken down from one of the guest bathrooms upstairs, and I'm planning to paint it this weekend. Let's pray I don't ruin it somehow. I'm quite the klutz with home projects.

FOUR: I'm going to be in big trouble when I have kids. I seriously can't go into a store without wanting to buy every single thing for my nieces and nephews. Yesterday I found these two adorable things on clearance in my best friend's daughter's size, and I just had to get them.

FIVE: Lastly, I'm going to "race" a 5K this weekend. It's a course I've run a million times, and I had a pretty decent PR when I ran it last year. I haven't been training for anything, but I've been laying down some relatively high mileage at a relatively fast pace, and my speedwork days have been going really well. I think everything I'm going through just makes me want to pound the pavement to get some of my frustration out. Nevertheless, I'm going to channel all that energy and try to run a PR Saturday. Wish me luck.
Bunny Run 2013 with Marcia

Have a great weekend, and Happy Easter!

April 17, 2014

Infertility: Faking It

To check out my infertility blog on Fertility Authority, click here or on the specific post links below. The bottom one is new and live as of today.

Staying Sane While Dealing with Infertility
Silver Linings
Infertility: The Big Waiting Game

Most days I can fake a smile, put on my big girl panties and deal with life and work and our infertility struggles and everything else thrown my way.

But yesterday was not one of those days.

I was in a really bad place. Well, this week actually, I've been in a bad place. I haven't wanted to talk to anyone except my husband (bless his heart). I haven't wanted to be around anyone. I can't stop crying. All I wanted to do was run to get out some frustration and then crawl back in bed for the rest of the day. As hard as I've been trying to be in a better mood and cheer up and put on a happy face, I just haven't been able to do it.

For whatever reason, I haven't felt like myself. I'm emotional and hormonal. And irritable and grouchy. And no, not pregnant. I've been on a rollercoaster of emotions the past couple of months, and everything is hitting me all at once. All of life's curveballs have me hanging by a thread. Some days I may seem to have it all together, but that's sometimes not the case. It's a good case of faking it.

I don't say this to get sympathy. And I'm not trying to play the "woe is me" card. I know my bad days likely don't compare to someone else's bad days. But life isn't always smiles and rainbows and bunnies. Sometimes...it's really hard. We're all going through our own struggles and battles. And sometimes, I just want to vent. And cry.

Luckily, today is a new day. 

PS Thanks to my super sweet husband (who now reads my blog) for taking off work a couple of hours early to hang out with me yesterday. It was just what I needed.

April 15, 2014

Caprese Pizza

After a hardcore speed workout and yoga yesterday, I was craving some carbs last night, so we made homemade pizza! There are lots of homemade crust recipes out there, but this one is one of the easiest (and doesn't require yeast, which I seem to never have on hand).

All I did was add a little pizza seasoning, some pizza sauce, part skim shredded mozzarella, fresh basil, grape tomatoes halved, and fresh mozzarella.
Bake it at 450 for 12 minutes, and there you go!

Feeling Springy

I was going to write about the awesome temperatures we've been having in Memphis, but I woke up to a frost advisory and 35 degrees. What gives, Mother Nature?

Anyway, there's a small window between "winter" and "I can't walk to my mailbox without sweating to death" summer in Memphis (and apparently they can happen within the same week). And while the weather is nice, I love soaking up as many spring days as we can get in the South. Trust me, they're few and far between. It typically goes from "cold" to 90 degrees in about two weeks. So, I definitely take advantage of the nice weather by hanging out on patios and putting together as many springy outfits as I can. This is what I threw together for church Sunday.

Wilson Leather jacket (seriously old...as in like 2001 old). Here's a similar one.
Everly Dress
Guess booties
Blue Bird Bride necklace

April 14, 2014

Weekend Rewind

We had such a low-key and productive weekend. I think it was just what we needed! Friday night, we had an impromptu date night with dinner at Booya's (I love the create your own salad...give me all the veggies and chipotle shrimp, please). And then we went to see Draft Day, which surprisingly I loved.

Saturday, I got in a nice 8-mile run before we started the day. I'm not sure how or why, but I put in a decent amount of miles last week, and I'm not even training for anything. Any my legs and body don't even feel it! Who am I?

Saturday afternoon, we bought some flowers to spruce up the yard. I tend to kill everything I plant by either over or under watering them. Hopefully I can keep these pretties alive. I literally asked the lady for the most resilient perennial flowers she had, and this is what she recommended. Fingers crossed. 

The weather was perfect for grilling Saturday, so the husband fired up the grill, and we enjoyed dinner on the patio. There won't be too many of those nights before it's scorching hot in Memphis.

Oh? Also on Saturday, we came home to a HUGE package on our door step. I had no idea what it could be. Turns out it was a new piece of luggage! After using my old set for 10+ years, I finally got a new DVF set for my birthday last year. Well, after using the big bag a handful of times, the outside zipper busted. Since it was under warranty, I filed a claim, sent my receipt and pics of the damage, and lo and behold, they sent me a brand-new piece of luggage! Super impressed with Randa Luggage's customer service!
The set is available here in a different color. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!